Coaching Services

What is  Life Coaching?

Life coaching is the facilitation of growth and change.

                                            -Global Connections Academy


Life Coaching provides guidance to individuals to help make progress in their lives and achieve noteworthy satisfaction. Life Coaches help their clients in improving their connections, vocations, and everyday lives.
Coaches can assist you with explaining your objectives, help recognize the obstructions keeping you down, and afterward think of methodologies for conquering every impediment. Life Coaches offer the help you need to accomplish durable change. 

We offer personal, business, and group coaching.  These coaching services include our Vision Board Workshops for individuals as well as groups. We also offer an 8 session coaching program that assists with putting systems and processes in place to improve and transform your business and your life.  We believe anything is possible when faith, work, and perseverance are applied.  We would love to join you on your journey. 

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Patricia Mahone

Certified Life Coach